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Nestled in the heart of Osceola County, Florida in the United States, the city of Kissimmee plays the perfect host for the discriminating traveler. This wonderful place is home to 59,364 people. Kissimmee is the county seat of the Osceola County.

Kissimmee Tourist Information
A never-ending summer!

It does not come off as a shocker that Florida is cradles more water parks than any other place in the land of milk and honey. The city of Kissimmee in Florida has put the w in water fun and adventure. It is the absolute haven for geysers, wave pools, man-made rivers and speedy slopes.

Kissimmee offers the best of everything from all corners. Who can say no to a land blessed with such rich heritage and exquisite landscape in the heartland of Central Florida . The city has seen the influx of guests, travelers and movers for centuries. Well known for its year-round desirable climate and abundant recreational opportunities, Kissimmee has become the fourth fastest growing county in the country.

The History of Kissimmee.

The name of Kissimmee has sparked an interest in various groups of history enthusiasts. A consensus has been arrived at in terms of its origin. They say it is from a tribal word. The city has been closely linked to the village of Jororo , one of Florida 's lesser-known ethnic groups. Through the years, the name evolved into what is now its official name. Kissimmee.

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Kissimmee - Offering something for everyone.

If you're in for some adventure or for some beach time, or a more nature-themed travel, this is the place for you. For families whose children can't wait to get ahold of Mickey Mouse and the amazing sites that Universal Studios has to offer, Kissimmee is the perfect stop.

Kissimmee 's main tourist area hooks up to Disney's southern limit. Highway 192 directly links Kissimmee with Walt Disney World and it bears witness to an exodus of tourists. For this, a long line of hotels, restaurants and many other commercial developments aimed at tourists graze the wondrous Kissimmee.

With so many simultaneous distractions, it is often difficult to notice Kissimmee 's own attractions. There's a lot of culture and history in Kissimmee and there are many things to see. It's helpful to check with your hotel for directions to most attractions.

Culture in Kissimmee.

To start getting a feel for Kissimmee 's traditions and history, the best place to go is the Osceola County Historical Society and Pioneer Museum (1750 Palmetto Drive ). You'll be taken back in time as you visit a Florida Cracker house and a cow hunter's camp. And to really experience what life was like in Kissimmee in its very beginnings, you can visit a real, working cattle ranch or attend the rodeo .

The best way to get to know the local vibe, removed from the tourism of Walt Disney, is to spend the day in historic downtown. There are many boutiques, quaint restaurants, a lakefront park, a library and even a farmer's market every thursday from 7am to 1pm.

The town of Celebration near U.S. Highway 192 is a great place to see and experience a small town atmosphere in a modern world. But for authentic small town flavor, you'll find the real thing in historic downtown Kissimmee and St. Cloud . Both have great antique stores, fun boutique stores, and cozy restaurants where you'll dine with the locals.

Downtown Kissimmee.

Kissimmee 's main downtown street is Broadway, aka Main Street, south of Hwy. 192. Lanier's Antique Marketplace is a two-story antique store filled with a wide range of furniture and hidden treasures to find. Talk to the proprietors for awhile and you'll get a lesson on Kissimmee 's history. Restaurants such as Broadway Coffee and Art and Tarantino's Italian Restaurant are warm and inviting eateries with delicious food for lunch or dinner. Others such as Mrs. Mac's and Joanie's Diner cater to those whose hanker for diner and Southern cooking.

In St. Cloud , the city's downtown streets are New York  and Pennsylvania  avenues, north of Hwy. 192 in the east side of town. Visit O'Doherty's for great Irish food and music, and shop along New York for unique gifts and bits of the area's past. Also stop by The Silver Lining Cafe for a taste of the house specialty: quiche. You've got to check it out!

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